Arkadia, more in detail: problems and answers

Arkadia, more in detail: problems and answers


The consortium identifies and wants to respond to a need.

Tourism is radically changing its prerogatives: rather than empty entertainment, divertissement, today the activity that travels in depth the cultural, historical, food and wine context of a place is privileged.

However, this structural revolution has not been matched by adequate structural interventions. If Italy and its traditions continue to shine by its own light, a negative downturn in tourist flow, generated by a lack of attention to the quality of the product, the inability to promote the territory with adequate skills, as well as by a series of sporadic public interventions unrelated to the target audience.

Ultimately: so far nobody has been able to bridge the gap between demand and tourist offer.


Facing this scenario, we want to aim at employment growth by promoting the territory, stimulating micro-economies. Initiatives and opportunities will be offered for new and existing operators; those who want to invest their skills in the places of their roots can count on this Consortium as on a good partner.

Then will be promote the governance and promotion of our spaces and also a recovery interventions of existing structures; the enhancement of natural resources; product and service development; planning and management of effective communication strategies, to open the doors to Italian and foreign tourist markets.

The Consortium operates in synergy with the private and the public administrations.

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