Architectural, urban planning, infrastructural

  • Design;
  • construction supervision;
  • geological analyzes;
  • drafting of agricultural development plans;
  • energy efficiency projects (green energy).


  • Surveys on professional needs;
  • enhancement of human resources;
  • planning and management of training courses for companies, public and private bodies, professional organizations in the various sectors and for the development of specific skills in the field of tourism and the territory’s mkt.

Software and web development

  • Web development, dynamic sites and portals;
  • web marketing & SEO;
  • social media marketing;
  • creation of  websites for online sales (e-Commerce);
  • Web-Gis platforms.

Tourism and territory development

  • Feasibility studies and analyzes;
  • Creation of action plans for the promotion of the territory;
  • support and consultancy for setting up and managing territorial marketing groups;
  • advice and projects for the communication of the territory;
  • development of communication systems to promote local knowledge and to expand the potentialities of the services and opportunities that will be offered.