Arkadia Consortium is born

Arkadia Consortium is born


Are you a tourist looking for a tour? Or maybe a company that wants to increase its contact with users, who wants technical support or a high-level web profile? Do you want the right showcase for your products, and the possibility of selling them online?

Then you need us. ARKADIA is the network that integrates the tourist services of ARKD Incoming, the Arkadia online e-Commerce store, as well as architectural and engineering consultancy and projects, from a business training point of view.

ARKADIA is an open consortium and is waiting for you.


This story sinks into myth.

Arcade, son of Zeus and Callisto, was raised to heaven by his father. It became the Ursa Minor: the stars with which  men of all time have oriented themselves. Thus the Arcadia, which took its name from Arcade, has always been the idea of ​​a pure place. It is the idea of the ​​space to which you need to look at, to re-orient your own gaze where the human is in harmony with the world. The myth, at least from Homer and Virgil onwards, has covered all the literary and artistic imagery of the West, emerging when we sought a contact with “Beauty”, in its immediate purity. This is the reason we chose the name Arkadia.

Because ARKADIA CONSORTIUM wants to orient itself to “Beauty”, find it and guarantee it.

Because in “Beauty” Arkadia identifies its fundamental value.

Italy is much more than a part of Europe, Italy makes its way between the seas as an offer of enchantment and fortune. Peoples, sailors, heroes have walked its streets, disputed its spaces or envied its arts. Whether a place, a product of art or culture, that enchantment must be protected, shown, enhanced. Like a promise to keep, or a loved one to return to.


ARKADIA creates a network capable of responding to the new needs of the territory and its public and private operators. The possibility of promoting the contexts, the history, the products that inhabit the spaces of the country is born, enhancing the various and precious cultural roots.

The long experience acquired both individually and in collaboration has led us to propose ourselves as an interdisciplinary structure, able to provide integrated services in the conception and management of projects that have their own focus on the territory: on the virtuous intersection of natural and human beauty.

The professionalism expressed by our group guarantees the offer of a vast design approach and expertise. From the integrated and functional development of the project to the following of  the clients along the realization of their idea, with particular attention to the economic sustainability and to the effectiveness of the proposed actions.

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