Arkadia was born with the idea of ​​developing a network that, looking at the territory, identifies its needs, prerogatives and peculiarities, thus responding to the new and particular needs of private and public operators. The consortium hopes to be able to  enhance the beauty arising from the interaction between man and land: it has the will, therefore, to promote the contexts and history, products, art and culture that run through our various areas.

The consortium wants to be  an interdisciplinary structure, where to find  xperiential paths gained both individually and during past collaborations between the parties of the group. This project is already able to provide integrated services that help you creating and managing projects that have their own focus on the territory.

The wide expertise allows us to offer  an approach to the project based on experience and professionalism. The client is guaranteed constant support along the integrated and functional developement of the idea, with particular attention to the economic sustainability and effectiveness of the proposed actions.

Why Arkadia?

Arcadia has always given the idea of ​​a pure place, the idea of ​​space to look at to set one’s gaze towards where the human being is in harmony with the world. Its myth has travelled all the literary and artistic imagery of the West, appearing when he sought a contact with the “Beauty”, in his immediate purity. This is why ARKADIA CONSORTIUM wants to orient itself towards the “Beauty”, rediscover it and guarantee it, identifying with “Beauty” its fundamental value.

Italy is much more that a part of Europe. Peoples, sailors, heroes have walked its streets, disputed its spaces or envied its arts. Whether is it a place, a product of art or culture, that enchantment must be protected, shown, enhanced. Like a promise to keep, or a loved one to return to.

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