The consortium aims to enter dynamically into a reality rich in history and culture such as that of our territories, restoring luster – through specific interventions and projects better enhanced from the point of view of tourism, economic and social development – to areas that are not  well known or part of tourist circuits, but that still have an undoubted value.

One of the main goals of our activity, through the projects that are promoted in the area, is the growth of employment, so that the area is inhabited and enhanced with new activities and opportunities, both by the operators already present in the area, and by for the new generations who want to make use of the expertise for where they and their family live.

The network operates in the governance and promotion of the territory, combining, to a wise reading of local places and communities:

  • the implementation of recovery actions and new functionality of existing structures;
  • the enhancement of natural resources;
  • the development of local products and services;
  • the planning and management of effective communication actions towards the operators of the sector, to help an opening to the Italian and foreign tourism market.

Arkadia works in synergy with public administrations and the private sector, with a participatory approach that helps the involvement of economic operators, associations and citizens. In this perspective, local administrations have a very important role in the promotion and development of their territory, in collaboration with public and private that aims to enhance the excellence of each one.